Nackt – an art book


It is the first book of its kind that I have produced and it feels great to finally hold it in my hand.
It accompanied my exhibition 2020 and was created with a lot of love, pain and passion. It shows emotional drawings and thoughts or poems by women. Stories that mix with my own story.
I designed it together with my talented daughter Zoë Wilke, from whom I can really learn something. Thanks, dear Zoë!
The book measures 20x26cm and has 90 pages.
It is limited to 100 copies.
A signed certificate and a little surprise is enclosed.
For all interested people who don’t understand German, I translated the texts as good as I could into English and add a printed copy.

Thank you for watching until the end. If you now like to have your own printed copy, you can get it here.

Peace and Love

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